A Collection Of The Best Snapchats We Have Ever Seen

Our Collection of the Worst Snaps to Date

Sometimes you’re better off keeping your phone away from the selfie position, especially when the urge to document something that your gut is telling you best to keep away from the internet.

When you really can’t avoid it, make sure to at least avoid showing your face.

We’ve compiled snaps that we think are (and will always be) hilarious, wrong or just proof that we’re doomed. Enjoy!

Shouldn’t he have helped the poor pup first?

Oops! Should have put more effort to at least look asleep. Whoever started this meme? Our species is doomed!


At least don’t show your face along with your mom’s before asking her to ‘do it again!’ What kind of mom is that girl going to be. Popcorn, anyone?

Pretty sure someone dared HIM. Everything else is on point, right?


Is that a vase or a bong? She really could be watching the World Cup though. Tell us what you think.

Nailed the countdown! Poor pup, whatever they gave her, they knew she couldn’t keep it down for long.


Sometimes, you’re best tucking the phone deep inside your pocket. Now you can suffer the heartbreak again and again.

Beer should come with a pill. Family planning.


Anyone could have guessed that one.


My life in two screen captures.


When people finally start taking you seriously.

I can’t tell. Is it that pervs work there or that bush just grew too quickly.


When you’re at work, but thot’n is life.

Guess what grade he’s getting in this class.


Put the fire out!! No wait, where’s my phone, we should snap this first!