Nine Reasons Why Everybody Hates Shopping at Walmart

Even though Walmart is the largest retailer in the universe; it reported sales worth $487.51 billion on April 30, 2017. Everybody seems to hate shopping in its stores and it is easy to see why.

A simple shopping trip to Walmart can turn into a frustrating experience. Large numbers of people end up swearing never to go to Walmart again after spending a little time there.

Some Reasons why we hate Walmart include:

1. It is often impossible to find stuff in its stores.

No two Walmart stores seem to have the same layout and to make matters worse they keep moving merchandise around. One week the cereal might be in Aisle Six but the next it’ll move to Aisle Eight for no apparent reason. That means youend up spending an hour searching for the stuff you want.

2. It is impossible to find an associate.

Walmart stores are often so understaffed you have to spend 20 or 30 minutes searching for an associate. Then when you do find one; he or she is so busy with another customer, you have to wait 30 minutes to get your question answered.

3. They really don’t have the lowest prices.

Supermarkets like Kroger, dollar stores, Costco, Amazon, Sam’s Club (which is owned by Walmart), Aldi and even have often much lower prices than the Walmart stores do. Prices on stuff like pasta and canned soup are actually lower at Dollar Tree and Aldi and about the same at Kroger.

4. A lot of the stuff at is not at the stores.

The cheapest big bottle of olive oil available at is not available at Walmart stores. The same goes for sunscreen, laundry detergent, and a bunch of other stuff. So why go to Walmart when they might ship it to you for free. Sometimes it seems as if Walmart does not want you to shop there.

5. Some Walmart stores do not stock common items.

There are Walmart stores that don’t stock fairly everyday items - such as Equate sunscreen (Walmart’s own brand). Instead you have to order them from and pick them up at the store, how frustrating is that?

6. You have to buy $35 worth of stuff to get “free shipping” on

If you just want to buy one item; say a roll of tape that costs $5, from you have to pay $5 for shipping. Yet it will ship you the same roll of tape for free if you order a $30 shirt at the same time.

7. Everybody but Walmart offers a better free shipping deal on

To make things even more frustrating; there’s a lot of stuff that costs less than $35 on you can order for free because it is shipped by other companies. That means the company with $487.51 billion in sales cannot afford to ship you a $10 bottle of pills for free, but mom and pop suppliers can. Something stinks there.

8. The parking lot is a mess.

If the lot is not filled with carts, it has several broken down old trailers or motorhomes sitting in it. You might be lucky to find a place to park and if you can you’ll be afraid that a cart or some old lady driving a big pickup truck.

9. Shopping at Walmart just is simply no fun.

A Walmart store is the most boring place in the universe yet it shouldn’t be; it’s filled with great stuff at low prices. If companies like Costco, Kroger, Best Buy, Dollar Tree, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and even Aldi can make shopping fun why not Walmart. It does not have to be Disney World, but a big box store can be a fun place to shop.

It is easy to see why so many Americans are spending $99 a month for Amazon Prime. They hate Walmart so much they’re willing to pay for a better alternative.

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