Five Really Dumb Things About McDonald's

Even though it has locations almost everywhere; and almost everybody eats there, McDonald’s is actually one of the dumbest companies on Earth.

The list of dumb stuff Mickey D’s has done over the years is endless, but here are five of the stupidest things McDonald’s has ever done:

1. Ronald McDonald – A corporate mascot for a family friendly restaurant that looks like the Joker or a serial killer from a bad horror movie. He scares the pants off of adults, and kids are not that wild about him either. It’s easy to see why McDonald’s is slowly downplaying this creepy character. He looks like he’s about to kill you or put something really nasty in the burgers. To make matters worse there have been news reports that McDonald’s has put old Ronald on ice because of the recent Evil Clown scare. Hopefully he’ll stay there and never return.

2. They don’t know how many hamburgers they sell. McDonald’s hasn’t counted the number of burgers sold since 1994, The Wall Street Journal reported back in 2013. The last time anybody tried to figure out how many burgers were sold under the Golden Arches was 2013 when the number was pegged at 300 billion. So the real reason why McDonald’s signs say “billions and billions” served is that its’ employees cannot count.

3. They once tried to sell a pineapple on a bun as a “burger.” Back in the 1960s, McDonald’s founder Roy Kroc seriously considered marketing something called the Hula Burger. The Hula Burger was a piece of grilled pineapple and some cheese on a bun. Fortunately wiser heads prevailed and they started selling the Fillet O Fish instead.

4. They once tried to sell something called the McPizza. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, McDonald’s tried to sell pizza, spaghetti and even lasagna at some of its restaurants in the US. The company’s management was shocked when nobody wanted to buy Italian food at McDonald’s. What’s worse is that they thought anybody would pay good money for something called a McPizza. The biggest McPizza haters were McDonald’s franchise owners; who ended up paying $50,000 each for pizza ovens they never used. Corporate management killed the McPizza shortly after making the franchise owners buy the ovens.

5. They think replacing cashiers with touchscreens will improve customer service. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is promoting his “Experience of the Future” in which customers order stuff by touching pictures on what looks like a giant Candy Crush game. The Experience includes “table service” at McDonald’s; something nobody is looking forward to, and using a digital locator to find your order. Worst of all Easterbrook thinks letting you order your Big Mac through a giant tablet will make his burger joint more like quality restaurants such as Chipotle or Panera Bread. If people wanted quality they wouldn’t be at McDonald’s in the first place.


It’s no wonder McDonald’s sales figures are falling. The company’s management is just plain dumb.

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