The Dumbest Things about Burger King You Never Knew

The only reason why McDonald’s stays in business is that its’ main competitor; Burger King, is even dumber. To make matters worse, Burger King seems to get stupider every day.


Some of the Really Stupid Things about Burger King include:

1. The Hot Dogs.

The name of the restaurant is Burger King, so why is it selling hotdogs and advertising them? The company even made a major effort to market hot dogs last year which makes no sense. If people want a hot dog they probably won’t go to a place called Burger King. To add insult to injury the Burger King hot dogs are pretty lousy, New York Post writer Steve Cuozzo labeled them a “disgusting disgrace.” So not only did Burger King add a menu item that makes no sense they apparently do not know how to cook a hot dog

2. Creepy commercials that make you want to avoid Burger King and its food.

Every few months BK brings out a commercial that just creeps out viewers and makes them want to go to McDonald’s. A truly bizarre one from June 2016 featured Snoop Dogg promoting the hot dogs. Snoop called the wieners “grilled dogs” which insinuates they are made from puppies. The ad also showed Snoop in a kitchen full of bored and creepy-looking Burger-King employees that acted like serial killers. So they paid a major celebrity big money to make an ad that makes the company look bad, just dumb.


3. The Burger King.

Perhaps the dumbest thing BK has ever done is to come up with an even creepier mascot than McDonalds – the Burger King – then spend money to make him even scarier. A truly frightening series of commercials a few years back showed the Burger King in bed with innocent people. Another featured the Burger King staring in people’s windows like a serial killer in a bad movie. Disturbing versions of the King include the present plastic faced version, and the “hot dog king;” a scary middle aged man with bad teeth in a paper crown, who was identified as “Eddie Furs Stadium Vendor.” What’s really dumb is that they spent big money to create and promote every version of the King.

4. They apparently don’t know what the Whopper is, even though they’ve been selling them for 54 years.

A really dumb commercial from April 2017, has a very creepy looking BK associate ask Google Now/Assistant, “Ok Google what is the Whopper burger?” Since Burger King has been selling the Whopper since 1961 you would think he ought to know. This caused Gizmodo writer Sidney Fussell to label the ad campaign “a cyanide and toenail clippings disaster” and “dystopian.”


5.The Adults Meal.”

Burger King Israel celebrated Valentine’s Day 2017 by selling the Adults Meal a variation of the McDonald kids meal, The Jerusalem Post reported. The Adults Meal features sex toys in addition to a Whopper and fries. The idea is to give the meal to your lover or spouse on Valentine’s Day. That sounds like a dumb idea, because he or she will probably walk out after seeing that you are too cheap to bring real food to a date. It also sounds totally creepy, especially if one is accidentally given to a kid. Unfortunately the Adults Meal is so dumb Burger King USA will probably copy it. That will make the chain even creepier and drive away more customers.

As you can see Burger King just gets dumber and dumber. It is no wonder food industry data indicates that average Americans are increasingly turning to quality burger chains like Five Guys and In and Out Burger.

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